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Devious Literature by Michel-le-fou

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May 17, 2012
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She tempted me through her hymns, whispers of a siren so convincing
Through her eyes she saw a victim, cursed to find his soul submitting
A form absorbing his shape, struggling to fight it with no resistance
Some warped contortion with snakes, lunging for my scent like it's so delicious

She led me through moonlit forests, where the skies have glown relentless
Regardless of grouping wolves and shares of lycans which showed persistence
In the instance of pursuing sin, the lust's grip seized
There lies a predator worse than canine's blood-drenched teeth

A monstrosity offering all its precious colored gem diamonds
Speaking through slithering forked tongue, claiming no others this vibrant
Thus hid a darkness, disturbed at heart, hoard, pure under its shinin'
An offspring hideous, conceived of which mothered with Typhon

A virus ciphered through her tone, she spoke from weathered fiend lips
Words of entire tombs of gold, through death I will forever be rich
Composing off key symphony, played off her vain struck notes
Teething deception moral-less, wishing her prey will come close.

Dreams Part IIIby V-Roxity

Literature / Poetry / Nature / Free Verse©2012-2014 V-Roxity
Dreams Part III
Sederous Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The imagery is quite compelling, they truly captured the treachery of love. Well, that's what I got from anyway. I found her characterized as a temptress rather than a lover, which was effective.
V-Roxity Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
thanks, yeahh that was the angle I was tryin to take. A siren character
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